Morning Routine with Amanda Finch MSc ANutr

Are you a morning person or night owl? 

 At the moment, I'm a night owl!


First 3 things you do?

 Dressing gown goes on, sit in the kitchen with a glass of water, put the kettle on for a cup of tea.


Sometimes it's hard to get motivated in the morning and stick to a routine, especially exercise, how do you manage that? 

 I know how good I feel after exercise, so that's the main way I motivate myself. At the beginning of lockdown I was so structured in my approach to exercise; yoga in the morning for a good stretch then out for a 5k run around the common. Now it's a little different...I try to run 2/3 days a week and do yoga when I feel I need a good stretch.


I think a lot of us don't give ourselves enough of a break and feel pressure and consequently feel guilty if we don't achieve a lot in our morning. How do you combat that, do you give yourself a break and just have a lie in? 

I think it's important to take some time for yourself every morning, starting the day in a calm and focused way where possible will be beneficial for your focus the rest of the day. Whether that's some time for reading, exercising, sitting in the garden in the morning sun, going over your to-do list...just because we're working from home doesn't mean that people can access your time and energy 24/7. Being gentle to ourselves and others is really important in this time of uncertainty.


Habits you've introduced that have made the biggest impact in your life/morning or day? (even if you don't do them any more). 

I love sitting in the morning with my water and tea, and reading a few articles. I subscribe to the print copy New Scientist and a few other magazines and love selecting a few pieces to read whilst I have my tea. I much prefer reading from a book or magazine than my phone or laptop in the morning, I spend enough time looking at my screen throughout the day!


What couldn't you live without in the morning? 

A good cup of earl grey tea!


What has changed/adjusted for you and your morning routine during lockdown? 

Since lockdown and working from home, I've been more aware of my water intake. I'm drinking so much more in the day by keeping a bottle with me at the desk, as well as having more herbal teas (or iced coffees!) throughout the day! I feel so much better for it, my skin's clearer and I feel I have more clarity and focus.


Your favourite breakfast and recipe? 

I'm a fan of a big breakfast. Usually this will be yoghurt with muesli and fruit, or in the winter it'll often be oats with fruit, nuts, nut butter and some seeds (my fave is grated apple with cinnamon and almonds!). I like to add as much colour, fibre and nutrients as I can into breakfast to set me up for the day.


Any personal recommendations? (books, blogs, people, practices?)

Have a paper copy of a magazine or any subscription ready for you to read in the morning. This will help to give yourself time to wake up, learn something new and be ready for the day. I always open a window too, rain or shine. Fresh air helps me wake up and feel ready to work.


Biggest morning fail(s)?

 Walking into the kitchen first thing to find my kitten has dug the soil out of any house plant he can get his paws on!


Greatest morning win(s)? 

 Having phone free time in the morning and not feeling a slave to social media or my emails first thing.