Morning Routine with Natalie Shirlaw

How does your morning start?

 I wake up and remember 3 things I’m grateful for, occasionally I meditate and journal (but not every day )then I make myself a lovely mug of Pukka Cleanse tea.

If I’m feeling anxious or going through a bad time I spend 10 mins journalling my dream day - it’s amazing how much better it makes you feel and quite often you manifest that dream day into your life.


Are you a morning person or night owl?

 A morning person but I try to live with the earths rhythms so I stay up later in summer and go to bed earlier in winter


Habits you've introduced that have made the biggest impact in your life/morning or day? (even if you don't do them any more) 

Meditation without a doubt grounds me, helps me feel more positive and reduces stress and anxiety 


What's normally on the menu for breakfast? 

I have a smoothie bowl nearly every morning


Things that you'd like to try but haven't yet? Meditation, exercise, cold showers etc?

I’ve just started Qigong which is amazing and I’d like to get more into it. It really helps the mind, posture, body everything!


What couldn't you live without in the morning?

My mug of pukka cleanse tea! I always like to hydrate in the morning


What makes you feel most energised and focused for the rest of the day?

Exercise - the days I go for a run or the gym first thing are always the best days as It makes me feel so good and it’s got me off on the right path 

What has changed/adjusted for you and your morning routine during lockdown? 

Structure, which is some ways was lovely just to amble through the morning but sometimes I just ended up pottering the day away - I like to be productive and achieve so I like structure to my days


Anything you'd like to do more of/explore? Different practices, anything you've read about/listened to that you thought was interesting? 

I’ve tried many things from EFT, Neurofeedback, NLP,  reiki, aromatherapy, Feng shui, crystal healing, working with angels, I love holistic therapies and find them all fascinating. They all work in different ways but I think for me the most effective and easiest way to find change is to learn to work with angels. 


Things you've tried but haven't worked for you and why?

I’ve practised martial arts since I was young and that introduced me to a lot of eastern practises that I love but I’ve never really understood the softer side of martial arts like tai chi and Kung fu so I’ve tried a few different times but it wasn’t really me!

I love the dynamic side of martial arts and I practised gymnastics so I loved thestunts best!


Your favourite breakfast and recipe?

I love a spirulina smoothie bowl


Do you practice mindfulness/meditation and if so how has it helped you especially during lockdown?

Always and I wish it was taught at school - having a calm collected mind is the greatest gift anyone could you give you. We all have times in our life when we need tools to get through difficult times and circumstances.Mindfulness and meditation is so important now more than ever as technology makes us live in our heads. We need to learn to live in the moment and be present and the more we learn to do this the happier we will feel.

Children used to learn this skill naturally by climbing trees, playing in mud etc but as less and less children spend time in nature the more mental health problems we are seeing. Meditation is a skill children pick up so easily and it’s a tool for life. I hear of so many young people self harming, having duvet days or suffering from crippling anxiety - it’s so sad they should be in love with life at this age. 


Biggest morning fail(s)?

I always have a mid morning coffee but really I’d like to give it up


Greatest morning win(s)?

I’m quite a positive person so every day feels like a new start!